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Awards/Photo Gallery

All PSD students must pass the "Basic PSD Skills Review".
We Simply Train The Best and Most Elite Public Safety Divers In The World
SCPSDI/PSAI will never claim to be #1 in the field of Public Safety Diving because everyone else claims to be, We simply train 
"The Most Elite Public Safety Divers in the World and the World Knows It".

SCPSDI/PSAI would like to share with you the news about two members of the PSAI Professional Family who where honored by the International Marines Organization for their heroism and bravery at sea in preventing a major marine disaster.

PSAI Instructor Trainer: SHIN, Sueng-Young & PSAI Instructor: LEE, Soon-Hyung is to be Awarded the International Marine Organization Certificate of Commendation for Exceptional Bravery at Sea.
PSAI Instructor Trainer: Shin, Sueng-Young and PSAI Instructor: Lee, Soon Hyung from the Republic of Korea will be awarded the International Marines Organization (IMO) Certificate of Commendation for Exceptional Bravery at Sea during a special ceremony in London, on November 17, 2014.

This award stems from the heroic action of Inspector Shin, Sueng- Young, along with that of Inspector Lee, Soon-Hyung, in saving, on 15 February 2014, the bulk carrier M/V Captain Vangelis L. in high swells, by plugging a hole in one of its fuel tanks, caused by a collision with the M/T Green Plus, thus avoiding a major pollution incident.

Mr. Shin and Mr. Lee are a very active with PSAI Korea and have been involved in intensive training to upgrade their skills and knowledge at the Professional PSAI Levels.

The whole PSAI Family from all around the world extends our congratulations to both Shin. Sueng-Young and Lee, Soon-Hyung on their outstanding accomplishment and heroism.

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