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Levels 1-2

PSD Courses

SCPSDI, LLC-Public Safety Diving Manual–Level 1
Recreational to Public Safety Diving

This course is designed to teach a "Recreational Diver" in
Professional Public Safety Diving Surface Support Techniques.

Course Topics:
  • Recreational versus Public Safety Diving
  • Recommended Standards
  • Being on the Same Page
  • Federal/State/Local Regulations (General)
  • Team/Tender/Diver Safety
  • The Tenders Job/Responsibilities
  • Tender to Diver Communication (Line/Electronic)
  • Emergency Procedures

SCPSDI, LLC-Public Safety Diver Program-Level 2
Advanced PSD Diver

This Intensive Manual Covers:
• The Cardinal Rule • The Search
• General Search Procedures • Line Definitions
• Basic(s) of Dive Operations within Currents  • Guidance for Diving In Contaminated Waters
• Pathogens • Industrial Toxic/Chemical Hazards
• Proper Equipment • On-Site Compressors/Fill Stations
• Pre-Dive Planning • Measurement and Monitoring
• Levels of Protection • Qualitative Water Quality Categories
• Personnel Qualifications/Training • Dive Station(s) Decontamination Procedures
• Medical Support • Underwater Search & Recovery/Vehicle Lifting and Recovery Techniques
• Marking Objects • Underwater Navigation
• Surface Navigation for diving • Underwater Search and Rescue Blackwater Dive Patterns
• Reversing Tidal Currents • Stress Management for Public Safety Divers
• Protecting the Scene • How to Support the NTSB
• Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR) and Flight Data Recorders (FDR) • Need to Know Them Bones

This course has been updated

Prerequisites for the Level 2 Course: SCPSDI Level 1 or Equivalent from a International/Nationally Recognized Agency

When in Recovery Mode/Dive Operation(s), the PSD Team becomes an "Arm of Law Enforcement" and therefore must know the proper proceducer(s) for the recovery phase of any operation.
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