Levels 3-4 - S. C. Public Safety Divers Int'l, LLC

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Levels 3-4

PSD Courses

SCPSDI, LLC-Public Safety Diver Program-Level 3

• The Investigative Dive Team
• The Physiology of Drowning
• Body Recovery
• Investigation of Drownings
• Recovering Skeletal Remains
• Body Recovery Reporting Procedures
• Scuba Fatality–Accident Investigation
• Firearms Recovery
• Aircraft Recovery
• Vehicle Recovery
• Collection and Preservation of Physical/Forensic Evidence
• Types of Evidence
• Pre-Dive Witness Interview(s)
• Pre-Dive Team Briefing
• Homicide or Accidental
• Searching Priorities
• Estimating the Time of Death
• Assessing Body Weight Underwater
• Operations in Currents
• Proper Body Recovery
• Proper Vehicle Recovery
• Physical Wounding of a Body
• Recovering Skeletal Remains
• SCUBA Fatality Investigation
• Vehicle Fatality Investigation
• Firearms Recovery
• Collection and Preservation of Physical Evidence
• Sketching/Photographing the U/W Crime Scene
• Post-Dive Team Briefing and Reporting Procedures
• Court Room Testimony

Prerequisites for the Level 3 Course: SCPSDI Level 2 Certification

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