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PSAI Divemaster

Rec. Leader

The Professional Scuba Association International’s Divemaster & Assistant Instructor Program is to provide training for individuals who wish to supervise PSAI Sport Divers. Should this supervision be for a Sport Diving Specialty course or dive, the Divemaster-Assistant Instructor must be certified in the particular specialty(ies) and have logged sufficient dives.
PSAI Divemaster-Assistant Instructors may supervise, escort, and assist in PSAI Open Water Diver Courses. They may act in this capacity of an Open Water Diver Assistant Instructor only under the direct supervision of a PSAI Master Instructor. Under the direct supervision of a PSAI Master Instructor they may conduct Open Water Diver Course training exercises (thereby gaining valuable experience prior to taking an Open Water Instructor IQC).

• Overview & Introduction to the PSAI Divemaster / Assistant Instructor Program.
• Divemaster / Assistant Instructor Roles & Responsibilities.
• Rescue Skill Review.
• Dive Physics.
• Dive Physiology.
• Proactive Dive Supervision.
• Handling Emergencies and Accidents.
PSAI DPV Diving for the Open Water Environment
The Professional Scuba Association International’s Sport Diver Propulsion Vehicle course is designed to teach divers to properly use a Diver Propulsion Vehicle for sport open water diving activities. It will discuss the configuration and the peripheral equipment, as well as accessories and maintenance.

• The History of the DPV Diving.
• Open Water DPV Use and Potential Hazards.
• Overview of DPV System Configuration.
• DPV Theory and Operation.
• Practical Water Skills.
• DPV Preparation and Maintenance.
• DPV’s and Safe Operation.

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