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PSAI Freediving Levels 1 – 3


The Professional Scuba Association International’s (PSAI) Freediver courses are designed for those divers who wish to improve their fitness, diving skill, and enjoyment of the underwater world using breath hold diving techniques. PSAI freediving training is conducted in three phases progressively building a diver’s skill and ability to attain depths as deep as 30 meters/99 feet.
Level 1 – 10 meters/33 feet
Level 2 – 20 meters/66feet
Level 3 – 30 meters/99feet

History of Freediving:
o Origins
o Development into a sport
o Underwater activities involving freediving

o Hydrodynamics and Pressure
o Boyle’s Law
o Dalton’s Law
o Archimedes Principle
o Thermal Dynamics of Heat Transfer

o Hypothermia
o Exercise, Exertion, and Exhaustion
o Heat Exhaustion
o Stress, Anxiety, and Panic
o Pulmonary Gas Exchange
o Ventilation and Hyperventilation
o Bradycardia and the Mammalian Diving Reflex
o Apnea
o Anoxia and Hypoxia
o Deep Water Blackout
o Shallow Water Blackout
o Carbon Dioxide Build-Up
o Barotrauma
o Decompression Sickness and Freediving

Freediving Preparation:
o Fitness
o Relaxation Techniques
o Psychological Factors
o Establishing Personal Safe Depth and Time Limits

o Masks
o Snorkels
o High-Performance Fins (Bi-Fins and Monofins)
o Constant Ballast, Variable Ballast, and No Limits Weight Systems
o Buoyancy Systems, Exposure Suits, Snorkeling Vests, and Emergency Ascent Devices

Dive Planning:
o Goals
o Weather and Environmental Factors
o Tides, Currents, and Surface Conditions
o Entry and Exit Points
o Performance Strategies

Surface Support:
o Floats
o Boats
o Use of Ascent/Descent Lines

The Dive:
o Buddy Procedures
o Diving Techniques
o Descending and Ascending
o Swimming Techniques
o Resting and Conserving Energy

o Solo diving
o Entanglement
o Entrapment
o Lost Equipment
o Injured or Tired Diver
o Buddy Separation or Missing Diver
o Missing Boat
o Marine Life Injuries
o Buddy Assist and Buddy Rescue
o Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Freediving Activities:
• Photography
• Hunting
• Pool Sports
• Freediving Competition
• Enjoyment of the Water without SCUBA

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