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First Responder Swimming and Water Survival Course

This course is designed to train Public Safety Personnel in Swimming and Water Survival while in full uniform. The students are required to conduct the training in their standard uniform and duty belt with similar equipment and weighted. The student, while on duty, may be required to assist in an emergency situation when time is critical.

The student will aslo be trained in the use of Throw-Bags, PFD use, Basic Surface Rescue Swimming, etc.

Although other agencies will tell you they can train you as "BOTH" a Search and Recovery, Underwater Investigator in one week, think about it, can they really do that and stay within "Professional ISO 9001 Standards or are they training you to recreational standards?

Our Professional PSD programs are not "Recreational" they are Professional Training programs that go well above and beyond the Johnny "Recreational Diver" program.

Other programs fail to teach the aspects of professional PSD diving and sets you up to fail and loose any cases you may be required to testify as to how you preformed the recovery.

Most agencies are calling PSD programs just to jump on the band wagon and sell cards.

We have set the standard so high as to provide validity, quality and professionalism that agencies can't compete.

No other agency, to my knowledge, has every aspect of their programs ISO: 9001 because their programs can't meet the quality standards.

So do you want to waste your money, time and department resources on inferior recreational programs or do you want to become known as the World's most Elite PSD?

These are not "Recreational" Based Scuba Programs turned into Public Safety Diving Courses, these are "Professional Public Safety Diving Programs". When in Recovery Mode and/or Performing Any Dive Operation(s), the PSD Team becomes an "Arm of Law Enforcement" and therefore must know/be properly trained in the proceducer(s) for the recovery phase of any operation. 

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PSAI is ISO 9001:2008 certified for the provision of diver training and certification services throughout entire range of PSAI's certification programs.

All of our programs are National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as well as complaint with other U. S. and International Country Laws/Regulations.

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