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First Responder Swimming and Water Survival Course

This course is designed to train Public Safety Personnel in Swimming and Water Survival while in full uniform. The students are required to conduct the training in their standard uniform and duty belt (Law Enforcement option) with similar equipment and weighted. The student, while on duty, may be required to assist in an emergency situation when time is critical.

The student will also be trained in the use of Throw-Bags, PFD use, Basic Surface Rescue Swimming, etc., with an opitional module of Apprehending suspects in the water.

This course is designed to train the "Recreational Diver"
in Professional Public Safety Diving Surface Support Techniques.

This course is designed to teach you the skills to become a "Professional" U/W Search and Recovery Public Safety Diver
This course teaches you the skills to perform "Professional" U/W Crime Investigations.
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